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stitching from the slow lane

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

this sign indicates both my past and my future. i’ve been relegated to the turnout lane the past 6 weeks. kitchen-sink weeks, i call them: crammed to the brim, leaving no time for stitching or blogging or anything else particularly creative. this-coming week, however, i look forward to days of slow, leisurely respite as i tuck away with cloth and creative writing . . .

i needed to create a tree, but the pump hasn’t been primed in so very long, i angsted over how to do just that . . . thinking almost to the point of shutdown. recent occurrences out of her control have trimmed my friend acey’s wings, leaving her to enjoy what i consider creativity at its best: limits. acey, of necessity, has worked only with materials within her reach, and with that in mind, i reached out this afternoon, picked up a piece of fabric that didn’t require traveling even so much as across the room, and began cutting what i hoped would eventually resemble tree branches. haven’t appliqued in years and was relieved to find that i don’t detest it nearly as much now as then.


today, a child’s tote. tomorrow, who knows . . .

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

whew. glad to put that last piece to rest. have begun transcribing (transtitching?) my next dinner party piece. when driving a big ole’ rental truck filled with the son’s belongings from california to colorado, one has to improvise when answering the call for cloth.


resourcefulness is, after all, a type of creativity.


and pink fabric is pink fabric, right?