cloth as mirror and map

deciding to work with what i have in order to satisfy hands that are restless and itching to get moving (everything still in nc), began work on found crewel piece. no thinking, i said, just selecting, cutting, joining. the why’s, if there are any, will bubble to the surface in their own good time. here’s what’s bubbling:

layer l fabric:


forests. lush. dark. shadow. with pattern of pulse, throbbing. bulges then narrows, but always, always is an open field in the background waiting.

layer 2 = venturing out


linearity, discipline and planning and order that’s often undesirable but necessary in art. for me, it’s about a place of comfort where i can tick things off the list and speak a language most are comfortable with. it’s a challenge to escape that voice that wants me to stay there, moving forward on a straight, previously-thought-out line.


unassuming palette of color with small splashes of reddish and greenish. patterns begin to emerge: squiggles, leaves, flowers. imagination beginning to blossom and bloom.


open. inviting. takes on different whispers of color depending on lighting and surrounds.


green. growing. using familiar colors in different ways. experimenting. leaving space. beginning.


veins. rich veins. linearity relaxing. bones. marrow.

slug (my son) called me from l.a. after i cut last block for layer 2. so much fun to share it with him live and in the moment. as i told him about plans to go to nc tomorrow and get started on autoquiltography series again, how this was just working with what i could get my hands on here, i realized this IS part of the autoquiltography series. in that magical, conjuring way of creativity and cloth, in that way of deep, deep knowing without knowing that you know, this is a map of my creative evolution.

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4 Responses to cloth as mirror and map

  1. jude says:

    oh, don’t get me started on knowing and not knowing, i am sucked into this one…..

  2. jeanne says:

    you, too? have you read women’s ways of knowing by Mary Belenky, Blythe Clinchy, Nancy Goldberger, and Jill Tarule? oh, don’t get me started. this is actually what my post-graduate work is about.

  3. glennis says:

    this post reminds me of why i am in the 4th grade room. teaching kids by example of how an artist thinks. sometimes lineal and organized, sometimes meandering chaos

  4. jeanne says:

    glennis, when i first read your comment, i thought you said “meandering CHANCE”;)

    sure would love to be a 4th grader on monday afternoons. ‘twould be so good for me. here i am worrying about getting fingerprints on my new plexiglass thingamajig.


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