cretan and crawlin’

spent yesterdayy struggling with the cretan stitch, then this morning: bless goodness if i didn’t figure it out. just the way it always happens: i say aloud “okay, that’s it. forget this, i’m striking out to do a stitch we’ll call jeanne’s cretan.” then voila: i figure it out: you have to TURN the fabric. first this way, then that way. first up, then down. i promise that little (important) tidbit was NOT in the instructional sketch in either of my books, and yes, maybe if i had a lick of spatial concept sense, i would’ve been able to figure that out.

but alas.

you can still see the wonkies and wobbles, but basically i’m getting the hang of it.


then, feeling ever-so-confident, i went back and added a third prong to make tridents. perfect for this place setting.


tomorrow i break out the instruction book for the camera and see what i can do about taking snaps that don’t need to be shaved.


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