still working underground

when nearly finished with roots, i decided i wasn’t happy with them. no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t talk myself into liking the 3 colors. told myself that there are numerous shades of red clay. offered as how it created textural interest (or might to others, anyway). only got close to dissuading myself (translation: justifying convincingly) that there was no need to rip out all that stitching when i postured that the various shades might represent in-laws – and then only because the stitches were so intricately interwoven. they overlapped each other and wrapped around each other and scooted under each other so, that it was near impossible to disentangle and pluck them all out.




4 Responses to still working underground

  1. jude says:

    now you have actually just posted about what i was going to post about. almost that is ….oh how the truth overlaps.

  2. Fran says:

    Ah, how roots become so intertwined… but unless the roots find the right soil, they will never rest easy. I’m glad you followed your gut… xo, Fran

  3. well, jude, there’s that word “truth” again. i am stitching words together about it, shaping up a little essay. it’s a word and a “concept” that continues to crop up in my life the past few weeks, so it must be a path i’m supposed to be on right now. will anxiously await your words, as always . . .

    fran, your words caused my entire body to exhale. of course: roots need the right soil or they’ll wither and die . . . and take the entire tree with them. thank you for that most relevant and TRUE nugget.

  4. Acey says:

    My take on this post: if the separate thoughts/sentences are re-arranged very slightly in terms of how it looks on the screen, this is a totally awesome free-verse poem. In fact to me it is SO awesome that I’m having trouble reading for content rather than structure.

    But that’s such a very “roots” oriented type of thing…perhaps your meaning has not been lost on me after all ?….?

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