leaves wordy of mention


most of the women on our family tree are bookworms. some regularly pour over recipe books; others prefer craft books. some like to linger over decorating books or craft magazines. some could fill libraries with books touted to make them better women. fiction occupies some female relatives; others devour biographies to see how other women lived and coped and thrived. a few even like to conjure words of their own to fill the leaves in blank books.


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  1. jude says:

    this is great, what a folk art piece this will be. leaves in blank books. you are so good with words. what if i sewed up a book made of leaves?

  2. yeah, well, thanks, jude, but as you know: it’s not an original idea hatched by me. back in the day (long about 1855) when walt whitman penned then published his now-legendary “leaves of grass” . . . “grass” = publishers’ term for insignificant works and “leaves” = the pages on which those “insignificant” books were printed. just goes to show, eh?

    as for your what if . . . what if i think that’s a grand whatif and what if i get myself on over to your place and see what’s cooking before this cook (my, my, my, aren’t we traveling around the world in metaphors this morning) gets left completely out of the kitchen;)

  3. p.s. jude: “folk art”. how i do love that type of art. around here it’s synonymous with “outsider art”, a term i much prefer given my so-called authority issues . . .

  4. judith says:

    Thanks for leading me here and then gently pushing me into the arms of walt whitman. I don’t know him well enough.

  5. well, hello, judith. i sure have enjoyed hanging around your place lately, enjoying the poetry you create with words and cloth.

  6. Paula Hewitt says:

    Hi Jeanne – thanks for the visit and comments on my blog. Ive been busy reading back through your blog – and enjoying what youve been doing and writing. I’ll be following along from now on.

  7. Laney says:

    thanks Jeanne for the history lesson on books and Walt. I really enjoy fellow bookworms.It’s hard to imagine not enjoying reading(I actually know a few folks like that), books bring so much pleasure.

  8. paula, i enjoyed your blog immensely and plan to stop by often.

    laney, i have always been a bookworm. raised 2 bookworms, too.

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