what if this is FUN? using an xacto knife i’d forgotten i had, i made three cutouts then wrapped one of them using 4 strands of floss (2 of each color). used 4 for no particular reason – certainly not for additional coverage because this fabric doesn’t ravel. that was so much fun, i (ambitiously) went ahead and bugged-up the entire leaf. what if we see what else we can do with this? i have a stray idea or two. others will show-up, no doubt, once i get going. might need some magnifying glasses, tho.




9 Responses to holey-moley

  1. Paula Hewitt says:

    It is fun isnt it.

  2. Cathie says:

    A very successful what if -“if” you ask me!
    Looks like a praying mantis was nibbling on this giant leaf.

  3. judith says:

    Genius! The possibilities are boundless.

  4. Acey says:

    what is beneath it? Mica or something? Inquiring minds are going a little bonkers trying to figure it out …

  5. hey paula. yep, like they say: i can’t remember when i’ve had this much fun with my clothes on.

    yep, judith, that’s one reason this is so much fun: there’s no end to what a girl can do with holes.

    acey, i’ts more like fool’s gold . . .

  6. cathie, maybe PREYING mantis is more like it. more about that soon. and hey, did i see a CORGI on your page? a cousin, as we call them. i have a pembroke welsh named phoebe. and north carolina? we’ll talk . . .

  7. Steph says:

    holey-moley you have been busy while I was away. my curiosity is piqued.

  8. […] And on the subject of gifts, one of mine was this delightful and inspiring book-The Art of Embroidery, by Francoise Tellier-Loumagne. One of the illustrations reminded me very much of what is happening here. […]

  9. jude says:

    wow, wow, i have been so busy, i have missed all that is going on here.

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