dressed-up linings

sometimes we line the jagged holes with shiny, smooth pearls and tell ourselves the oyster story over and over and over again until we are convinced.


5 Responses to dressed-up linings

  1. Acey says:

    am silently exploring this theme right now … trying to decide what I might want to say about/with it…trying to decide if it will be “good” or detrimental to my healing curve if I do another year of the bead journal project.

    Am no longer even a little surprised by all the synchronicity.

  2. Paula Hewitt says:

    pearl lined eyelets – how clever!

  3. jude says:

    ok now, you are the queen of eyelet for the day!

  4. sheba says:

    this is lovely I like the direction your CQR project is taking

  5. thanks, sheba. glad to meet you.

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