chemical changes. waning chlorophyll production no longer produces enough green to mask and conceal the spectacular, bold, brilliant colors. it’s how we are, the women on my tree. it’s just how we are.


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  1. glennis says:

    hey- i’m taking a class from susan sorrell at the one called organic design
    why not join in? it’s my first time taking an online class even though i’ve been teaching them for over a year now! this piece made me think of it…

  2. glennis says:

    oops the link isn’t working-i left in a dash- should be:

  3. hey glennis, you still have those tired feet propped up?;) hope you’re more rested. you know, about 4 years ago i took a couple of workshops from susan. she came down to my neck of the woods (peachtree city, georgia), and one workshop was right out in the driveway of a friend’s house. in fact, now that i remember it, the first piece in my dinner party series started in susan’s 2nd day workshop. she told us to draw a square and me, being who i am, i went with a circle . . . and the ideas just flew from there. she’s good. you’ll have fun and learn lots, too. tell her i said hey. small world, this internet.

  4. jude says:

    this piece will really be encrusted with personality….
    nice translation of transition.

  5. jenclair says:

    The leaf series of “what ifs” is fascinating!

  6. Acey says:

    must. see. more. details. up close.

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