clay day

not much stitching to report, but i do have another piece fresh out of the kiln. i call it tribe . . .




i want to do more of this.


6 Responses to clay day

  1. Paula Hewitt says:

    very nice – lovely form. hey what if you sculpted the blob into a cloth bowl?

  2. Fran says:

    Lovely! You should definitely do more of this!

  3. Acey says:

    wow sweetie this is marvelous. Quite graceful. Where did you find the time 😉

  4. Laney says:

    love the colors, and the shapes remind me of leaves. I always want to touch clay/pottery, the same with quilts and fiber art. Heard a gallery owner give a lecture the other day. He mentioned that great artist need to focus on one medium to get really good. I had a hard time with that idea, not sure I agree….it is always so hard for me to pick a favorite medium…I like so many…
    I did pottery before the quilting bug got me…something so intensely pleasureable about playing in the mud.

  5. glennis says:

    ahhh. the transformation of earth to glass. now don’t you go tempting me to fire up the kiln. at least not yet. there is simply too much shibori to make. clay just really runs in my veins and there are some days when i think that i simply can’t do without it!

  6. jude says:

    oh, me too. i always wanted to have a kiln and some clay. yes. something earthy. for real.

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