loved raw

fingers haven’t been idle of late – not by any stretch – just not dancing with needle and thread. last night’s eventual quiet was punctuated with familiar strains of adult children quabbling over who sleeps under my grandmother’s quilt. the quilt made especially for me is quite tattered now, and we all (finally) agree that it’s time for me to start mending so this worn cloth can hold space for sweet dreams far, far into future generations.




happy, happy. . .


3 Responses to loved raw

  1. Paula Hewitt says:

    just as it should be. loved raw, mended, loved raw again. who will be mending it next time?

  2. jeanne says:

    yeah, paula, i love those velveteen rabbit quilts, too. i don’t think any of grandmother’s other quilts have required mending – some because they didn’t last long enough; most because they aren’t used as much as mine.

  3. jude says:

    tatters are softening agents. layers of mending is like sleeping with cloud. happy everything. happy happy everything.

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