must’ve seemed like i had taken the loot, said a public thank you, then rode off into the sunset.

not the case.

just have had no where to sit, and no time to sit – sitting being a prerequisite (for me, anyway) for stitching. but now – just today – i began to create an image i’ve been carrying around for weeks. there’s no translation, no explanation. just the image.


which leaves me (once again) pondering creativity. the intriguing, captivating mystery of creativity.

a few years ago, my son introduced me to TED, a convergence of creative, innovative thinkers and doers who gathered under the umbrella of technology, entertainment, and design. since its inception in 1984, the scope of TED has grown and expanded, while the concept remains the same. my son and i immediately put it on our list of things we want to do before we die: attend the TED conference. now, thanks to http://www.ted.com, we can!

anyway, this month elizabeth gilbert (author of eat, pray, love) presented a different way to think about creativity. after reminding us of the way ancient greeks and romans viewed creativity, gilbert proposes that we are not creative geniuses but we have creative geniuses. as gilbert says, the notion that we, ourselves, are not totally responsible for the creative end product somehow takes the edge off the immense responsibility creatives often assume.

take a few (about 20) minutes and watch the video. we’ll talk later.


4 Responses to enigma

  1. What a treat for an early Saturday morning ~ to listen to such a profound presentation… thank you for sharing it with us and Ole to you for being here today.

  2. Acey says:

    i definitely feel the relief and quieting-down in those stitches. Have bookmarked the links for tomorrow or next day when I have some potentially uninterrupted moment. i feel better because you are “here”. it is no small thing …

  3. jude says:

    to hell with the ego of it. be free.
    i have been in some layered coma. one layer prevents me form blog surfing. the other prevents comments. today it is snowing and i feel fine.

  4. and ole to you, too, julie. you’re always an ole in my book.

    acey, i hope you can find a few minutes soon to watch elizabeth gilbert’s talk. i think you’ll enjoy it.

    jude, as usual, your crystal ball (or laser vision) is in fine working order. as for the layers that have hindered you from blog surfing/commenting, i know that feeling well, and for me, it goes by the name “overwhelmed”.

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