enigma on the move

i continue to stitch the image. am thinking . . . well, actually, i’m trying not to.


(i have got to get a camera that loves me.) (i’m sure it’s that this camera doesn’t like me cause mr. thrillenity used it yesterday to take some marvelous pictures.) (really.)


3 Responses to enigma on the move

  1. Acey says:

    hey let me know how that trying-not-to-think thing works out. perhaps you’ll be able to give me some helpful tips and pointers …

  2. oh, acey, you and me. . . we’ll never be able to completely enjoy a vacation from thinking. but sometimes, sometimes i’d sure like my head to at least take a nap so the rest of me can take the lead.

  3. jude says:

    thinking… right. can i send you some fabric please? do i have your address? i probably do. i don’t even care if i remember.

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