more of my quilting heritage

cataloguing my grandmother’s quilts has been a long-time pet project of mine, a WISP. we took these pictures in my backyard with owners holding them up for the camera. though the pictures aren’t “studio quality”, i think grandmother would’ve liked having them photographed outdoors with her children and grandchildren in the picture.







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  1. jenclair says:

    My gosh, what a wonder legacy your grandmother has provided! The second one has such remarkable movement…I keep returning to it.

    I was checking referrals today and found that I’m on your “Go Outside and Play” list…which led me here.

    I’m honored to be included with such marvelous company, and you’ve given me a bunch more blogs to check out.

    Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable visit–I’ve had great fun browsing through your blog and am interested in watching the progress of your Autoquiltography. Have a feeling I’ll be spending some time here!

  2. jeanne says:

    thanks for stopping by, jenclair. i enjoy your blog immensely. i know what you mean about that second quilt. well, actually, i admit to being mesmerized by all of them.

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