still more of my quilting heritage

most of us took grandmother’s quilting for granted as just something she did to “keep busy”. but when we held the first quilt up to be photographed, there was an audible collective inhale followed by the most exquisite silence. silence of respect and appreciation and love-in-a-new-light. after a while, my cousin said quietly, “She really WAS an artist, wasn’t she.”





6 Responses to still more of my quilting heritage

  1. Laney says:

    yes an artist!, wow, these are beautiful. I love that turquiose, she really understood color. What a great heritage.

  2. glennis says:

    that turquoise really is something – i agree. i have been enjoying your grandmother’s quilts immensely!
    and thanks for the links added to your go outside and play list!

  3. jeanne says:

    jude, don’t think i could’ve said it better myself.

    laney, sure do wish i’d’ve inherited her color knowledge/instincts and green thumb;)

    glennis, you are welcome for the links. i enjoy visiting your blogground frequently!

  4. Acey says:

    it’s so wonderful that you’ve shared these treasures with us. For me the most scrappy quilts hold the greatest inspiration and excitement.

  5. jeanne, herself says:

    i like scrappy quilts, too, acey. i mean, for starters, what’s not to love about the word “scrappy”. scrappy quilts are, for me, the epitome of innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness.

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