stitch-through complete

the piece is finished, writing still surfacing. interesting development, though.





4 Responses to stitch-through complete

  1. Acey says:

    zip it indeed. At this point my arms feel eternally frustrated over the hugs that cannot be physically delivered.

  2. acey, i’m receiving and basking and appreciating telepathically.

  3. glennis says:


    open and close
    revealing what is inside

    on another note-

    zippers can be frustrating
    getting stuck…
    snagging a delicate fabric
    and like that one zipper on a pair of jeans
    REFUSING to stay UP!

    i threw the jeans in the rag bag
    some scrap fabric for the shibori indigo vat

  4. jude says:

    zippers conjure up all kinds of stories for me. don’t ask.

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