breaking ground

starting is often the hardest part of any project for me. have been thinking lately of transparency and layers – in terms of my life. (of course, it’s all about me.) no image in mind or even a vague idea of what to do. no car to run fetch fabrics or inspiration. having thought way too much of late, it’s time to move. to act. to start. so i went around the house in search of materials that spoke to me, no explanation needed. just do something, i told myself

so i have a dryer sheet:


a bit of pink satin from a camisole i once wore:


a bit from one of those laundry bags used to wash delicates in the washing machine, a bit of pink lace, and some delicious fabric from a pair of pants that i’ve not gotten around to mending:


cut up a jacket to capture a bit of dragon, something else i’ve been thinking about lately:


6 Responses to breaking ground

  1. Judith says:

    Once the first move is made, others follow. Looking forward to watching this, especially what happens with that dragon.

  2. Paula Hewitt says:

    Im having trouble starting anything meaningful again after our trip – im dithering – so Ive just been machine piecing quilt blocks to get my hand back in – its hard starting something new without any direction or complusion. looking forward to seeing what you do with this

  3. judith, i sure do hope you’re right. there’ll definitely be dragons in my immediate future. been noodling much of late on those creatures.

  4. hey paula. gotta’ traipse on over to your e-nest to see how the shed-building project went. dithering – yep, that’s a word that describes me. compulsion – that, too, in a negative space kind of way (as in missing right now).

  5. Acey says:

    Have been so busy with the rest of life for the past few days. Developing skill sets I never knew I had, etc. This afternoon I just put it all aside and picked up needle and thread. Pure bliss! JUST the right time to read these latest posts and admire your choice of raw materials plus watch what you’re doing with them.

  6. hey acey-girl. needle and thread does seem the perfect way to cap off a full-to-the-brim week.

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