not yet

this is just not doing anything for me . . . except possibly contributing to the fall funk. which is, of course, not good. (the funk or the contribution) when i launched this one, i looked forward to something marvelous appearing. this was going to be the most amazing experience, my breadcrumb trail out of the fall funk forest. i would write books about this. people would name their children after me. but this is not intuitive work, this is not (i hope) from any deep well of knowing or enlightenment. this is just plain random. and moving. desperate, uninspired, random motion, that’s all.


i don’t like it any more than my camera likes focusing on the grid of that delicates bag.


the layers are kinda’ cool, but it’s definitely sorely lacking in other ways. ways i hope will soon make themselves known because right now, the back is the best.


and that’s not saying much. not saying much at all.


12 Responses to not yet

  1. Paula Hewitt says:

    doncha just hate that….. have a beer (or two) and think about it (it was usually only two – had to leave room for the red wine)

  2. this piece requires more like a 6-pack . . .

  3. jude says:

    oh hell, put it away and start something else. it will call from the pit of nowhere with an idea of its own. i know . i’ve been there.

  4. jude, i love it when you say hell. . .

  5. sTeph says:

    …but soon. That is a lot of expectation. Forgive yourself. I think that dragon will rise with new beginnings.

  6. hey steph. was thinking about you just last night, wondering how you are. i hope you are right about the “soon”. like that note about dragons.

  7. glennis says:

    i agree, start something else. you can always throw it away or use it for a dishrag. no worries.
    it may have already served it’s purpose……

  8. Karin says:

    I always love the backside of stitchings! They are glamorous because they don’t try too hard. And besides that saying “I love your backside” always makes me smile and feel a little better.

    The materials you are using in this piece are really interesting- the webbing and the lace and such- but it seems like the front is fighting in color (pink and blue) and the back is in better harmony.

  9. hey glennis, dishrag? what’s that used for??? am sending you a picture this weekend of a young girl who’s wearing one of your delicious shibori flower pens that i gave her. was interviewing her today for the theatre’s new apprenticeship company starting soon. she LOVES her shibori flower pen and was keen on hearing about you and your work.

  10. karin, don’t i love a woman who can and will share specific insights and observations, and i think you are likely right. i like your wholebrained thinking approach: creative and analytical simultaneously.

    love what you said about the backsides not having to try so hard. i always like the backsides best. in houses, too.

  11. Acey says:

    I put so many things away for later. And if later never comes, so what. (I also enjoy it when Jude swears. I don’t know why but it just tickles me to pieces).

  12. acey, i’ve seen some of the things you’ve set aside then pulled out to finish when inspiration appears. your beautiful, captivating, inspiration work is good motivation.

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