quick check-in

not much stitching going on around here the past few weeks. no time and no inspiration – though i do know from a vague memory or two that inspiration finds me and i find her once i dedicate the time (even the smallest snippet of clock) and move. stitch. start. go.

much, much life going on here – all good (except for the no time to stitch part). just full. really, really, really full.

will be working from colorado over the next 2 weeks, and while i don’t have the first piece of clothing packed (or even planned, for that matter), i already have a bag full of various and assorted cloths and threads (in case there’s no thrift shop within driving distance). i’ll be at my son’s home, and he usually frowns on my going through his closet and cutting up his clothes. (he used to, anyway.)

it’s funny (well, not really, but you know what i mean) how there’s so much more time when i’m away from home – even if i’m working. something’s wrong with that picture. very wrong. must find balance. i know it’s around here some place . . .


3 Responses to quick check-in

  1. jude says:

    that is why i actually love that commuter train….have a good trip.

  2. sTeph says:

    fully understand, enjoy your son and colorado.

  3. Paula Hewitt says:

    Hey I deleted your email address by mistake – but was thinking last night about my bad blogger award joke – you did realise i was joking didnt you ? i was thinking it perhaps didnt come across as i intended. my point was it would be a great award to give out – the problem would be some one would would have to give it first. im such a klutz sometimes 😉

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