melioration temporarily on hold

thursday found us scooting up the road to n.c., and though i have thread, floss, needles, snippets of non-chirpy fabric – even ideas – i forgot THE QUILT.

so i spent yesterday doing maintenance on my blogs, upgrading to the latest version of wordpress software, a tedious, time-consuming task that i’m glad is done. (though i haven’t checked. twould be just my luck to find that the newest version came out last night.) spent some time uploading pictures to my flickr account that i set up ages ago, then abandoned.

there’s this internal brewing, you see: i am on facebook and i twitter and i have 2 blogs (4 really, but on one i’m a occasional guest blogger and the other i write under a pseudonym). i find blogging so much more enjoyable, so much more satisfying than facebook and twitter because blogs feel less surfacey. spending more than 160 characters promotes some depth and breadth, and through blogging i’ve made some friends, built some relationships.

now i harbor no illusions that anybody (other than possibly my mother and husband) gives a rat’s ass about where i am and what i’m doing, and i admit to feeling rather like an exhibitionist every time i update. facebook flat-out overwhelms me for reasons i plan to explore on my other blog. all that said, i have decided (at least for now) to continue with facebook and twitter because they are my check-in buddies. just as some folks get a friend to provide the accountability factor for exercise by agreeing to go to the gym together on a regular basis, updating on facebook/twitter reminds me to be more present, more grounded, more engaged with my life.

we head home tomorrow, and i’ll be able to get my hands in motion on that quilt, thereby giving my brain a (much-needed) rest because somehow i think better when my hands are in motion.


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  1. Paula Hewitt says:

    ive always found having the quilt helps.

    i started a facebook page so i could see a friends photos but i just didnt get it – i felt very exposed. which is strange because i dont feel like that on my blog even though i use my real name (i panicked when i was setting up the blog and couldnt think of a pseudonym)and a talk about my personal life a lot. and i agree i like the depth that blogging has.

  2. i feel quite exposed and vulnerable, paula, and i feel like a virtual voyeur reading-in on other people’s conversations. i mean, really. twitter helps me think succinctly and check in/ground myself/be present. i’ve already deactivated my facebook account once (a long time ago), so at least i’m trained.

  3. If the other sites make you uncomfortable, on any level or in any way, why continue?

    You can be accountable or present or grounded without those sites; especially when you have your art and your blog(s) to share your thoughts, photos, feelings, etc.

    Perhaps you are just trying too hard (which I am more than guilty of…)?

  4. jude says:

    facebook is weird. it just comes at you so fast!
    once my mother planned a big picnic at the beach and we started out really early and everything was fine till we realized she forgot the hamburgers. we had toasted buns with fixins.

  5. hey, julia. i think you’re right about the trying too hard. by the end of the weekend, i thought i would absolutely pop.

  6. yeah, jude, i find facebook absolutely overwhelming. gonna’ try hanging in there for a wee bit longer – just a personal digging in of heels that makes no sense at all to one part of my self.

  7. Acey says:

    jumping up and down and waving my arms around in the air: “I care, ***I*** CARE!!!” Also embrace my luddite aspects where facebook, etc. is concerned. For me it’s a thing my kid does and I make a point of avoiding all contact with it so he has “space” here in the disembodied realms of the internet. Most people I know who are my age and connected with Facebook are there as a form of self-promotion. Would personally rather stand on a street corner and ring a bell if you know what I mean…

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