let the melioration begin

melioration has begun – finally. not much to show, though, because, well, we’re moving, you see.

that is, we might be moving – it all depends on when we will have our fill with the . . . well, never mind.

we thought we were moving before christmas, so all the fabric, floss, needles, fabric scissors, irons are now residing in one of the gagillion boxes somewhere in the overstuffed garage. i found a snippet of cream-colored fabric with white hearts that’s not too chirpy, and cut (more like hacked, really, given that those scissors have cut everything except fabric), and using ye-olde-fingerpressing technique, tucked under the edges. then, after much fussing and grumbling about how uncomfortable it is for me working with big pieces like a completed-if-tattered quilt, that one rectangle of not-too-chirpy fabric is in place, covering one of the bald spots and extending this quilt’s life well into future generations of little jeannes.


my plan (if you can call it that – it just occurred to me as i cut hacked the snippet of not-too-chirpy fabric) is to patch/cover/conceal/mend with various whiteish fabrics. 88 pieces, to be exact. same number of keys on a piano.


6 Responses to let the melioration begin

  1. jude says:

    i like your logic.

  2. Blessings on your journey . . . (love the “not too chirpy” fabric thinking)

  3. Laney says:

    your grandmother would approve, did she play the piano? I love that she stitched your name and then added a period, like she knew you would live with gusto.

  4. glennis says:

    looks like blue skies behind those white billowy clouds!might be a break in the weather coming…

  5. Princesitha says:

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