these hands of mine haven’t touched fabric – except to don the same sweatsuit (the only one i have here) the past several days. it’s interesting living in limbo. though almost everything except hubbie’s tools and a few clothes are there, at the new (or “to” as i call it) house, the heater decided to die, so it’s too cold to stay there overnight. then hubbie and i got sick this week, probably our bodies taking charge and forcing us to slow down a bit.

am feeling downright cratchity having not held cloth and thread or strung words together in so long. am itching to pick up needle and thread – to do what, i don’t know. i just need to get some cloth in my hands. but who knows where it is or when i’ll unpack it?

i do, however, think that with views like these (snapped from the deck on the back of our “to” house), i’ll be inspired to create something . . .



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  1. ger says:

    This surrounding makes me green with envy… Not beeing able to sew can indeed be worst than thirst… I appreciate that you found the time for stopping by at Gerdiary!

  2. ger, it’s always a pleasure dropping by your blog. can’t wait to see the paths grandaunt lisbeth’s red thread takes and was immediately captivated by your labyrinth piece and the michael palmer poem . . .

  3. Between… I hope you find a small bit of cloth, needle, and thread ~ I completely understand… moodling (doing for the sake of doing) is healing balm for the soul.

    Incredible photos ~ so much to explore…

  4. yeah, julie, i thought about doing something with papers cause i know where i can get my hands on that. but can’t find scissors or tape or glue. maybe that’s the point . . .

  5. Acey says:

    it’s downright eerie how much your backyard resembles the house we did NOT move to back in the fall …

  6. Paula Hewitt says:

    beautiful – but why does it look all autumny and not covered in snow? (i know not everywhere is snow covered in the US but still it looks like it should be snow covered) nonetheless it is lovely. i hope you can get back to stitching soon

  7. jude says:

    it does look autumny. where is it? why the quick move?

  8. now, acey, that is eerie. and believable, knowing you and me.

  9. paula, we’re in the southern part of the states. it was 29 degrees one night last week, and that was cold. we get snow maybe every 3-5 years, and when we do, it’s a holiday!

    jude and paula, my two smart, observant friends . . .this picture was taken back in early december. we hadn’t planned to move. were out looking at investment properties in early december, saw this one, and it captured my heart. turns out that the seller (a bank) didn’t actually have clear title. took them over a month to get the paperwork/signatures/etc. so they could provide us clear title. (call us funny, but we weren’t about to buy without being able to get clear title.) it’s only 8 miles from where we live now, and yet lightyears away in that we have 10 acres. and quiet. nice and quiet.

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