trespassing bovine comes to call

haven’t blogged of late ’cause i haven’t stitched of late. i keep conjuring up images and words that i want to capture, but i never let myself stop, drop, and commemorate.

unpacked the last box a few days ago, so i’m hopeful that things will begin to slow down in the foreseeable future. hopeful, but not necessary optimistic.

in the absence of tangible clothwork to share, thought i’d share one of the everyday amusements that usually waits just on the other side of our front door. we’ll call it digital cloth:

cows will undoubtedly find their way into cloth soon because there’s so much herstory there . . .


6 Responses to trespassing bovine comes to call

  1. annalisa says:

    I LOVE corgis! and the cow is awesome… no mowing!

    • as long as the adorable trespasser stays on the grass, we’ll be just fine. am just hoping she doesn’t enjoy such delicacies as newly-transplanted lilies and blooming irises and such. also hoping she doesn’t leave me any “surprises” to clean up. though i read earlier today that cow dung makes a great fabric dye. know anything about that?

  2. jude says:

    i just went through this with my cat and a deer. but i only had a cup of coffee in my hand. no camera. eventually the deer ran away and the cat came in. and that was that.

    • i had put the camera away when i went out later and attempted to shoo her back (sans corgi) to her own grass. being either deaf or quite bold, she came right at me, and when she had totally invaded my personal space, my head started working and i left, offering her all the grass she could hold in her chambered tummy. (she’s a lot bigger when she’s 2 inches away from your nose.)

  3. annalisa says:

    Aha! I found the blog on natural dyeing
    just in case your visitor leaves a present and you want to try manure dyeing

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