a page from my herstory book

okay. so i picked up needle and thread today, thinking i’d just pick up right where i left off and finish a project, pretty as you please. but nnnnoooooooo. turns out today was not a good cloth day.


we’re going back in time, leafing back through the archives of Things I Did In A Past Life to show you a smoked bag i uncovered during the move. yep, back in the day i smocked the kids’ clothes, taught smocking workshops, even smocked christmas tree ornaments.

still have the pleater, too . . . somewhere.



One Response to a page from my herstory book

  1. Acey says:

    the subtext of this post brought The Renaissance Soul blaring back to me.
    Sorry you couldn’t sit with cloth as you initially wished. Am having one of those sudden onset ADD days myself at the moment …

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