i take that as a “yes”

so there i am, devoting several hours to capturing my bits of information and ideas that i’ve accumulated over the years onto index cards. it’s the next stage in writing that book: card the bits, clump the bits, then string the bits together into a book. it’s been my method of choice since that 7th grade math term paper. (who on earth assigns a term paper in MATH????)

this is a little project i’ve entertained myself with over the past several years. it’s about different ways of knowing, and just re-reading some of my research got me all excited again. i live in a belt where it often seems nothing is accepted as bona fide knowledge unless there’s scientific evidence proving that it’s true. me, i believe that science is mostly a re-discovering of what sentient human beings and artists have already discovered just from paying close attention to their own lives.

i just know – as many others do, too, now – that there are different types of intelligence, no one better than the other, though perhaps one type of intelligence can be more useful in a certain context. i also know that there are different ways of knowing things, and not everything can be or has to be “proven” scientifically.

so when that strange little voice (the good one – not the one that peppered me with doubt and questioning the other night) told me to get up and look in the bottom file cabinet drawer, i did it.

right then. didn’t even stop to question.

it’s a drawer i haven’t peeped inside of for years and years. but when i pulled that drawer open this afternoon, what do you think i found but this crewel piece i did when i was in high school:


yes, there are different ways of knowing.

different ways of learning.

and different ways of confirming that you’re on the right track.

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3 Responses to i take that as a “yes”

  1. jude says:

    great post, thinking about all this too lately. must be part of mid life crisis! great little piece.

  2. thanks, jude. isn’t it funny – in a most satisfying, cosmic sort of way – that your post yesterday was about you taking a new look at a piece you wove into existence many years ago and here i am rediscovering a piece i created several years ago. both at just the right time.

  3. […] satisfy hands that are restless and itching to get moving (everything still in nc), began work on found crewel piece. no thinking, i said, just selecting, cutting, joining. the why’s, if there are any, will […]

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